BMW ja Android Auto

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BMW ja Android Auto

Viesti Kirjoittaja jpk » 27 Marras 2019, 16:27

BMW on ilmeisesti pikku hiljaa taipumassa ajatukseen, että myös Android Auton tuki on saatava mukaan BMW tarjontaan. Ohessa
lainaus BMW Blogista ja Australialaisen Car Advice lehden BMW Australian johtajan haastattelusta:

"...According to Car Advice the BMW Australia boss stopped short of confirming the introduction of Apple Car Play and Android Auto across all models – and without a subscription fee – CarAdvice understands the announcement next month will confirm this. So there’s no official confirmation, not even a mention of Android Auto in the BMW official’s statement but, according to them, it’s just a matter of time until that happens. I certainly hope so, as I’m and Android user and would love to use Waze through the iDrive screen. It’s also quite interesting that the BMW digital key was made available solely on Android phones at first, even though you don’t get as much support for them as you do for Apple devices." ... he-future/

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Re: BMW ja Android Auto

Viesti Kirjoittaja jleinonen » 02 Joulu 2019, 10:07

Tämä olisi kyllä hieno parannus. Toivottavasti tulee päivityksenä vanhoihin iDriveihin.